John Newton

John Newton

Getting the Transcript

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Filing the Notice of Appeal. An appeal permitted by law as of right from the trial division, the land and titles division, or the district court to the appellate division shall be taken by filing a notice of appeal with the clerk of court within the time allowed by 4 ACR. Failure of an appellant to take any step other than the timely filing of a notice of appeal does not affect the validity of the appeal, but is ground only for such action as the appellate division (or a single judge of the appellate division as specifically provided for in these rules) deems appropriate, which may include dismissal of the appeal.

Motion for Reconsideration

Court Favors ASTCA In Biased Opinion
The basis for this motion is that this Court erred in its decision when it found the contract to be unenforceable due to the parties' failure to "agree upon a delivery date for ASTCA's subscriber listings." It is Plaintiff's position that despite the ambiguity of the language of the contract, the Parties understood their obligations under the contract and the urgent nature of the information that was to be provided.  Furthermore, that any ambiguity in the contract should be construed against ASTCA as the drafting party and it was therefore its choice of language that created the ambiguity in the first place.

Kruse’s Biased Opinion

We need unbiased judges in our courts.
This response to the Opinion and Order of 6/27/23 criticizes the document, highlighting various errors and omissions. It argues that the court did not adequately review the trial or supporting exhibits and questions the judge's understanding of the case. The response disputes derogatory remarks about the time lapsed in the litigation and asserts that the delays were not caused by the plaintiff. The response discusses issues related to the bench trial, particularly the impact of Langkilde's testimony by deposition and the abrupt ending of the trial. It also challenges claims that the plaintiff was difficult to work with, citing a witness's testimony and the absence of supporting evidence.

The Deposition of Judge Gwen Taui’ili’i Landkilde

you be judge
The notes pointed out inconsistencies and potential contradictions in Gwen's testimonies, particularly regarding accuracy requirements and responsibilities for the General Information section. The court's acceptance of Gwen's version of facts in the MOU was criticized, and there were claims of misunderstandings and obfuscations throughout her testimony. Additionally, it was emphasized that Newton's proposed contract was never executed, rendering those discussions irrelevant to the case.