This is a list of documents generated in the course of attempting to contract for telephone directory production and prosecuting the breach of contract case.

Each item in this list is a link to the actual document. All of these documents will be linked to blog posts offering further explanation.

Newton’s suggestions for contract (Telephone Directory Publishing Agreement)

Contract of 2001 for Four Years

Comments on ASTCA Contracts

The Contract (MOU)

The Complaint for Breach of Contract filed July 1, 2015

Email Chronology

Application for Entry of Default

Answer and Counterclaim

Plaintiffs Answer to Counterclaim

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss

Affidavit Exhibit 1 with documents

Trial Exhibit 35

Exhibit 35 Documents with Attachments

Notes on Alex Sene jr Deposition on March 16, 2017

Notes on Margaret Willis Deposition March 13, 2017

Motion for Summary Judgment

ASTCA Memo of Opposition (to Motion for Summary Judgment)

Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment

Affidavit of Jessica Pollack in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment

Affidavit of Gwen Langkilde in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment

Court Statement on Motion For Summary Judgment

Denial of Summary Judgment

Gwen Deposition 10-19-16

Notes on and Summary of Gwen’s Depositions

Emails and Suggested Questions for Gwen Deposition

Gwen Deposition 12-23-22

Emails used in Gwen Deposition 12-23-22

Newton complains about excessive quantities

Plaintiff Closing Arguments After Trial

Defendant Closing Arguments After Trial

Opinion and Order on Trial

Response to Opinion and Order of 6/27/23

Motion for Reconsideration and New Trial Memo

Order Denying Motion for New Trial

Misstatements by Defendant and Court