The Governor of American Samoa to the Secretary of the Interior for the fiscal year ended June 30th.   1972 Annual Report,

John M. Haydon. (Rep)

U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.


Master Control Center

Master Control Center

During Fiscal Year 1972, the Department of Education, through its Television Division, became part of an innovative program known as PEACESAT (Pan Pacific Education and Communication Experiment by Satellite) which provides satellite communications between different areas of the Pacific. Initial use has been experimental, but it does enable two or more Pacific locations to conduct simultaneous conversations.


Television Reassessed

The reassessment of the role of television has resulted in a new emphasis on quality of television instructions, rather than quantity. Accordingly, the number of instructional programs produced has been considerably reduced, while the amount of time and resources devoted to a television lesson has been nearly doubled.

Classroom teachers have been given more responsibility for implementing the instructional program. To accomplish this, pilot programs have been initiated to acquaint teachers with innovative approaches aimed at individualizing instruction. Television also has been used in increasing amounts for adult education, with expanded programming at night for the entire Samoan community.


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