American Samoa Annual Report 1973
John M. Haydon (Rep)
Governor of American Samoa


There are 1,635 registered titles in American Samoa — Chiefs, Talking Chiefs, High Chiefs, High Talking chiefs and eight Paramount Chiefs. There are currently two titles vacant and being disputed in the High Court of American Samoa.

The report emphasizes the desire to ‘attempt to preserve the “fa’a Samoa”.



Chief Nikolao Pula

Chief Nikolao Pula

The highlight of Fiscal Year 1973 in the Department of Education was the appointment of Chief Nikolao Pula as the first Samoan to hold the position of Director of Education…

Later in the report…In the area of Instructional Television there was a new emphasis, but not a de-emphasis, during the fiscal year. The accent was on quality, not quantity. Therefore, the number of televised lessons produced was down approximately 20% and the number of lessons telecast was down approximately 10% — but the time devoted to each television lesson increased by 50%.

During the year, the Television Division developed teachers’ guides for 39 courses, student materials and booklets for 41 courses and instructional telecasts for 40 courses. The staff of 28 television and research teachers represented a 24% decrease from fiscal Year 1972. Since 1969, 11 stateside teachers in Instructional Television have been replaced by Samoans, and the total staff is currently 50% Samoan.

Community television programming was expanded to offer service seven days a week during Fiscal Year 1973. A major breakthrough late in the fiscal year was the conversion to color broadcasting, assisted by a grant from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. A Manpower Development Training Act (MDTA) grant helped finance extensive training of the indigenous technical staff.(Haydon, 1963: 12).




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