American Samoa 1977 Annual Report to the secretary of the interior.  Prepared by The Office of Samoan Information Pago Pago.  H. Rex Lee returns this year to serve as the last appointed Governor. He served for seven months, 1977-1978




Teacher in classroom

The Early Childhood Projects; Community College; Special Education Program;

Nine schools were involved in the Samoan Elementary English Program (SEEC), and four of the nine maintained the program from grades 2 through 7. The other five used SEEC from grades three through six. Television instruction still was implemented, but there were only two to three telecast lessons a week for some subject matter. There were telecast lessons for Oral English everyday for grades 1 through 8. Teachers usually followed up the activities on the English grammar pattern, which students observed and responded to during oral English telecasts.

Non-televised subjects included Samoan Language Arts from grades 1 through 4, In previous years, almost all students …sat on the floor and used locally-made floor desks. By the end of the fiscal year, nearly every student in the Elementary Division was provided a desk.


Total Employees  25
Local  18      Contract   7
Basic Operation Budget   $571,000

Television Station KVZK-TV continued as one of the major education, information and entertainment sources for the people of American Samoa during Fiscal Year 1977. A survey conducted in December of Surveys Hawaii showed that 96 per cent of all Samoans have access to television.

KVZK with a full time staff of 32, broadcast approximately 234 hours per week when schools are in session and about 159 hours per week during the summer months. Broadcasting is on Channels 2, 4 and 5.

…special one week experiment to transmit television programming via satellite was made possible late in the fiscal year through the cooperation of several agencies, including NASA and the Rocky Mountain Broadcasting network. (Lee; 1977: 40).



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