I came to American Samoa in 1965, and was assigned to assist in the opening of the new consolidated elementary school at Pago Pago, where Cantley George was principal. I served in that capacity until June.

In August I was assigned to move with my wife and son to Aunu’u to open the new school that was nearing completion there. We were the first palagi family to make their home on Aunu’u. I served as the principal of Aunu’ufou Elementary School from September 1965 through July 1967. My daughter Lynne was born just after the the big hurricane of 1966.

In the summer of 1965 we moved to a government house on the edge of Pago Pago Bay, directly across the street from Max Haleck Store, and I went to work conducting summer in-service lessons via TV for elementary school teachers. I continued my work at the TV studio in Utulei for the 1967-1968 school year, teaching Level III Science and Oral English Level V for high school students.

In the Fall of 1968 we moved to Manulele Tausala Elementary School in Nu’uuli, and I served as school principal there in addition to working one day each week at the KVZK-TV studio, recording Oral English lessons to be archived for use in future years. We lived at Manulele Tausala until June of 1970, when we moved to Hawaii so that I could work on a M.Ed. degree in Educational Communications.

The topic for my Master’s Thesis was a study of Samoan students who had moved to Hawaii, and how well they performed academically, corellated with the number of years of instruction they had experienced with intensive immersion in English through the Samoan Educational Television Project.

gwhastings_thesis, showing that the longer Samoan students had been in the ETV Project in American Samoa before transferring to public school in Hawaii, the better their academic performance was, on average.

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