Below are some of the books created by the ETV staff to support televised lessons. All these books were planned, written, illustrated and printed in American Samoa. The first set of books were provided, in digital format, to John Newton by George Hastings. There were many more books produced during the ETV era, but few are still available. I recently received a large group of books from Farida Sweezy, and those books will soon be on this site. If anyone knows of more books and a way to obtain them, please use the contact form on this site to tell us how we might get more books and other items of interest.

Families & Friends Filipino Brothers Friends to Follow Fun with Toma and Fala 1
Looking Away Puna and the Lighthouse 1 Sua's Ride On the Rendy 1 The Hunter and the Tiger 1
Two Stories For Fun


 The books below were furnished by Farida Sweezy. She had been saving them for over 50 years. It was kind of her to provide the books so that I can scan and display them for all to see. You will notice that Farida did the artwork for two of the books above and one below. There are about 22 books in Farida’s collection, and I will be scanning and uploading more of them as time permits.

Ladi and the Golden Coconuts men great ideas smallest continent
Workers in American Samoa


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