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Young Orator

Welcome to the NEW

Over the years this domain has been used for many purposes, although it has always been a source of information about Pago Pago, American Samoa.  I am currently in the process of converting the website to a new platform and expanding the information base and the functions.

Although we have faced some challenges with adapting to the new platform, we will continue to work to learn more and to develop new ways to present interesting information. We hope you enjoy this new site and we look forward to your comments.

I have never been able to earn any income from this site.  In fact, I guess I’ve never tried.  My next challenge is to find ways to monetize the site and start earning a little money.  If you have something to sell or ideas on how to monetize the site, please use the contact form to let me know what you suggest.

Here is a little history on the evolution of this site.  I registered the domain in 1985, and attempted to build the first website that same year.  After trying, without much success, to build the website using just hand coding of HTML and CSS, I soon discovered my coding skills were not adequate and the learning process was long.  I decided to find an easier way and that lead me to a website-building platform called Hotdog.  I managed to launch a website using Hotdog but it didn’t amount to much.

My next building platform was the infamous Microsoft Frontpage.  That was kind of a toy platform and I was barely able to build an acceptable website with Frontpage.  But, I did get a website launched and it received much more interest than I expected.

The best website building platform I have used was Macromedia Dreamweaver, originally from Macromedia until Adobe bought them and it became part of the Adobe suite of products.  My favorite site I built with Dreamweaver is the 2008 Festival of Pacific Arts site.  That site still resides here on  At the time, Adobe Flash was still very popular, and I made full use of Flash on the Arts Festival website.  Now Flash will be gone at the end of 2020.  So, if you want to view the full features of the Arts Festival website, you should first figure out how to make Flash work on your browser.  I will not be rebuilding the site in another platform.

In about 2006, I got a contract to build and manage the official American Samoa Government website;  I built their website using Dreamweaver.  That worked well but I needed more functions, so I rebuilt the entire website using Drupal.  The Drupal site was excellent and I was able to provide the Governor with all the functionality and security required.  Unfortunately, the present administration did not continue my contract and they were without a website for a few years.

In 2002, I began publishing the American Samoa Telephone Directory.  The original contract for telephone directory production included a requirement that I prepare all the components of the directory for posting on a website.  At that time, ASTCA had the website,, which was not functional at the time and nobody seemed to know who registered the domain or how to access the website backend.  I offered to post the online directory on, an offer that was accepted and encouraged with each new directory publication.

My work with Drupal continued for several years and I managed to build some very nice sites.  But, Drupal became more difficult to use as they upgraded their core software and addon modules weren’t able to keep up with the new core development.  Just this year, I decided to change my building platform to WordPress.

Using WordPress, I have built,, and now  I will be upgrading my site and a couple of other sites to WordPress, but that will take some time to complete.  If you need a site built, please use the contact form to get the process started.

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